The seafood festival in Hampton, New Hampshire was such an experience! It had such a beautiful view of the ocean and so much amazing food to try! It also had live music, live entertainment and shopping. This place is really cool and very popular so you have to prepare yourself for big crowds!! I myself had many of moments today where I had to step back and just breathe. I personally get very annoyed and angry at “dumb” people. Even though I can be dumb sometimes we all know that when it comes to big crowds some people you run into could take the award for dumbest human being. Today I noticed a lot of people pushing, shoving and just having no self control or care in the world to be polite and have patience. We all need to remember to be patient in life and instead of getting angry and ruining your day by one stupid thing happening, you need to just breathe, let it go and be PATIENT!!


“Everything Happens For A Reason.”
#ocean # patience #life


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