Clamming in Cape Cod!

Today I was in Cape Cod one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!!! We went to a little beach called Osterville. This beach is located next to some of the most amazing, beautiful, large luscious homes on the East Coast. The area is known as the “Beverly hills” of ME :). I unfortunately did not get to go into the water and actually go clamming because we didn’t have enough waiters but I was right on the beach seeing and learning how to really catch some clams like the true clammers do!! The guy that was teaching us how to clam has been doing this for 65 years now and has the biggest heart!! He was such a great teacher and had so much information to teach us all!! It’s so nice to see people being so passionate about something in life for such a long period of time!!


I hope that as I grow older I can stay passionate about the things I love! You have to keep your drive going and never give up on what you really want!! Such a great life lesson today, so thankful to be over here on the East coast capturing all of it’s amazing beauty!

“Everything Happens For A Reason.”


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