The scariest thing….LOVE

Love is a scary thing, but wow is it such an amazing thing at the same time. To love someone you are giving your life, your heart, your tears, your laughs, your giving that person your entire self being. We are all scared of being hurt and being left alone. Which I completely agree and understand. Having the person you love walk away and act like everything is your fault is the worst thing a person could ever feel. I think one of the biggest problems in the world today in relationships is alcohol. Have you ever realized a couple could be so perfect and so in love while sober and then when they get drunk everything changes? They say hurtful words, they mess up, they treat you like your nothing to them, they walk away? It’s unbelievable because the next morning you wake up and sit there and cry and you go through everything and it’s all bull shit and so ridiculous because you both know that it would have never happened if you were sober. I just wish love could stay true and stay happy. I know that we all make mistakes and hurt people by our actions or words, but i know that we all as people should give each other chances to fix things. In my life i give people so many chances its unbelievable, but when it comes down to people giving me chances some people just gave up and walked away. I don’t know why people who have made so many mistakes thinks its ok to not give other people chances. We are all human and we are all going to mess up, it’s what we do. Only difference between us all is the actions we take after to fix things and change what has happened. We only have one life to live so when you do mess up try and fix what you have done, make sure you never do it again and start looking into your future of the ways your going to make your life the way you want it. You cant change the past so stop trying to. Change your present so in the future you wont ever regret a thing. Remember to always think before you speak, think before you take action, and think before you fall in love.

“Everything Happens For A Reason.”



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