About Me

HI! Welcome to my blog 🙂 I am 22 years old living in the big Southern California world, and as everyone else down here I’m trying to pursue my dreams!  I decided to start a blog because I personally have hit some pretty low points in my life and wish that i would have had something to be able to kind of escape through and really help me with ideas to push my life in the direction I want it to go.  I grew up in the small town of South Lake Tahoe, CA.  As i was growing up i loved to dance, sing and act.  My older sister and I wanted to act more then anything in this world, so my amazing parents helped us try and pursue that.  My father would drive us 8 hours to LA just for one audition weekly (now doing the drive myself i give him so much credit for always willingly jumping in his truck ready to go as soon as the phone rang).  We were such a great team, my mom pretty much being our “rock” she would deal with being our agent and doing all of the paperwork, phone calls and setting everything else up for us, my father the driver and supporter, and then my sister and I would help each other on monologues and just really pushing each other to make our dreams come true.   For years we did this and it was such an amazing adventure.  Through those years we got many auditions, call backs and even booked a few things.  I look back and couldn’t have asked for a better support system then my own family.  Years went by high school came along and I kind of lost my spark to really push and keep my drive for going after what I really wanted.  Don’t get me wrong high school was amazing and i had such a blast doing high school plays, being apart of the dance team, and of course dancing for my studio since I was 2 (Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio).  But somewhere along the years I lost myself, I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, I wasn’t happy, and I just couldn’t find my way anymore.  I then moved to SC for school and kind of fell deeper into my black hole I call it.  So for a couple years i lived there and went to school and just kind of lost myself even more.  Finally I decided I needed to move back home and kind of do some soul searching and really find myself again and start making decisions for me and not for the people around me.  Being back home was such a great time and I made so many great memories.  One day while i was heading home from work i started to cry, thought to myself why is it that at the age of 21 I’m back living with my parents and not pursuing the dreams I have always had.  I then decided it was time to take actions into my own hands and move to LA.  The first couple months in LA were such a blast i met so many interesting new people and made some great memories.  Then one day i found myself again at a low point of being depressed and just not being able to stay happy about anything.  I then got a piece of paper out and wrote down everything i didn’t like about my life and the things i did like about my life.  I came to find the “I didn’t like ” list over ruled the “I like” list which is awful and not something you want.  That was the moment i decided i needed a change and a big one.  I sat down with the amazing mother of the kids i babysit for and my own amazing parents and we went over everything and came up with some great ideas.  I decided that the dream of wanting to act never went away I just put other peoples dreams in front of mine and lost the fact that this is my life and the only way to make it how I want it and to be happy is by doing it myself.  After that I went on a huge health kick, started eating better, started doing production assistant work, got my head shots done and just really started chasing after my dreams.  So here I am today still pushing for what I want and it feels amazing!  I have some work still to do with my life and more dreams and goals I would like to achieve, but I can now say I’m on the road to making my life exactly how I want it to be!  Now i want to share with everyone else how coming from a low point in life there is always a road back up to the top. I have big dreams, want pure happiness and health, I love working out and eating healthy and I love to travel! I feel like everyone in this world needs a little push in life and hopefully by this blog i can maybe be that help to someone else 🙂 Hope you Enjoy!!!

“Everything Happens For A Reason.”


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